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The B-corporation ImpactBuying (previously known as SIM Supply Chain) started the initiative in 2019 to support their clients in getting a better insight into complex supply chains. They were actively supported by Rudi Hagedorn of the CGF End2End value chain pillar. How can companies get trusted data from the first mile of their supply chains until the individual small-holder farmer and supply chain actors? There is a clear opportunity for all actors to collaboratively deliver the answers buyers are looking for that are now locked in data silo’s. The True-code.org

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(Technical Resource Uniquely Encrypted) is initiated to solve that challenge. Testing if a free facility passport- and number in combination with zero knowledge proof technology on a distributed ledger could solve the upstream data challenge. ImpactBuying works close with their existing clients to test the True-code.org solution and the results of the pilots are ground breaking. In 2023 ImpactBuying
will continue with several pilots with their existing clients. Main focus: verified deforestation related facts. ImpactBuying’s roadmap is to transfer the True-code.org to a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) at the end of 2023.


Develop solutions that allows free of cost digital facility passports until the first mile of supply chains and enable actors to interrogate facility passports on ESG questions and receive verified answers that do not reveal private details of the facility if not released by the facility passport owner.


A world where products that have a connected string of verified ESG facts, coming from identified facilities, are rewarded.


By following these basic principles we aim to encourage industry-wide collaboration while at the same time preserving the incentive for any actor in the supply chain to be rewarded for providing a connected string of verified ESG facts coming from digitally identified facilities. Leading to democratizing of supply chain data and ultimately to fair value distribution until the first mile.

1. True-Code.org itself is a non- profit organization.

2. Participation in the True-Code.org network will be open to anyone with a role in the supply chain.

3. We will provide a True-Code.org facility passport with unique UUID free of charge to any facility in the supply chain.

4. We will embrace inter-operability with any pre-existing ID system and data repository e.g. supporting seamless links through APIs.

5. We will protect private details per default – our Zero Knowledge Proof technology is based on hashing of private fields.

6. We want to allow commodities traders and cooperatives to “do it
themselves”. Collecting the information of all their supply chain
actors until the first mile, generate True-code.org passports.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us