How it works

The concept is simple and straightforward. It is created for commodity traders and cooperatives who receive a question from buyers to deliver transparency of the facilities they work with but do not want to share private details of their supply chain partners.

A facility passport is based on a unique location with a GPS coordinate. This can be created from the address and/or GPS generation via Google. is based on 3 types of facility passports:

1 Small-holder facilities

2 Primary production facilities

3 Manufacturing facilities. delivers every commodity trader and/or cooperative an option:

1 deliver full transparency and share all the fields of every facility to their buyer

2 deliver an Excel/XML list with only passport numbers to their buyer.  A buyer that receives an Excel/XML list with only passport numbers can only read the public fields: number, country, product category, activity. All the other private fields are hashed and stay unreadable for humans.

The buyer can upload the received list on and ask Zero Knowledge Proof questions that can only be answered by YES/NO.

“Is this facility located in a high risk region for deforestation?” YES/NO

“ Is this facility free from deforestation based on evidence?” YES/NO


The buyer can request a formal confirmation of the verification status from the provider of the evidence. “CB xx confirms that the facility with passport number TCBRA2055606 has evidence that it was not involved in deforestation and/or land conversion after 2019”. The private details of the facility WILL NOT be revealed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us