Pilot results

We would like to share the result of the “True-Code” deforestation pilot that has been running from October 2020 until March 2021 with some actors of the VION supply chain. VION is one of the largest meat producers in Europe and the  pilot was driven by two VION clients: a retailer and a food service company. The pilot was focussed around the deforestation question regarding to the soy fed to the pigs. Together with farmers, feed mills and the soy trader, VION demonstrated that it is possible to give answers up until the level of the SOY cooperation in Brazil.

Deforestation and Food Safety questions and answers where in the core of the pilot. Under controlled conditions the pilot demonstrated that the True-code network layer can:

  • Allows simple connectivity between existing databases
  • Answer all typical consumer-relevant questions about a food product’s origins, sustainability or safety and leaving the data in the existing database
  • Address questions relating to any supplier, provider and processor, even those far up the supply chain
  • Do all the above while protecting proprietary or commercially sensitive data of traders and cooperatives.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us