We focus on four main tasks:

  1. Connect verified data from a wide variety of existing sources in a simple way
    2. Enable a versatile Q&A network to help answer facility and source related questions
    3. Support trustworthy data retrieval (from existing sources) for verified storytelling
    4. Make the service easy to access and economically attractive

We are using Ethereum blockchain technology to enable safely storing and distributing the information in network. With this technology we can also use zero-knowledge proof questioning to allow answering simple YES/NO questions without sharing any actual private data information of the passports.

Smart contracts

The smart contract acts as the carrier of the location passport and contains both public and private parts. From this structure we can determine what data get shared with which party in the network. Zero-knowledge proof principles are also applied to these private smart contracts.

Zero-knowledge proof

Zero-knowledge proof is a method that allows us to check if certain statement is true or not without disclosing any additional information apart from the confirmation. Example statement in case of is “Is this facility located in a high risk region for deforestation?” to which the answer can only be “yes” or “no.” No other information is disclosed.


Transactions on the blockchain network provide an activity log where, for example, the authenticity of a passport or a user can be verified.


The permission model and user management ensure that roles are defined within the system and that certain roles have authorization for certain data and functionalities.

Consensus model

The consensus model checks and verifies the transactions in the blockchain network and prevents fraud.


Different parties and roles in the network can notify each other within the network to perform certain jobs, for example to request verification.

The True-code/UUID serves as a unique identifier and basic set of data for every facility that plays a role in a supply chain. Enabling interoperability between existing databases and supporting transparency until the (small-holder) suppliers in the first mile of World Wide Supply Chains. A free facility passport that offers chances for all: end2end.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us