Use cases

User cases

1. First pilot with Albert Heijn and Vion as part of MVP3 with addition of Cefetra as soy supplier – successfully connected True-code (Ethereum based) to current data in Vion Powerchain (Hyperledger fabric) and SIM Platform (centralized database)

– MVP3 pilot (finished) – use current existing data in Powerchain of Vion to connect and implement True-code – we have proven the connection is simple and the current Q&A zero knowledge proof questions can serve to get answers on soy related deforestation questions linked to pig meat

2. Ongoing MVP4 pilot extended to first mile soy farms in Brazil in cooperation with Cefetra

– MVP4 pilot (ongoing) – demonstrate that the enables identification of individual soy farmer in Brazil in relation to a pork meat supply chain of a retailer, and test the effectiveness of a Q&A verification layer with a standard owner(s)


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